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I have four daughters and felt completely lost with helping them apply to college. This course made it so much easier for our whole family and reduced many arguments as we were all getting the same information and working from the same deadlines, and her tips saved us a lot of money!

Nancy B

Elisia Howard

Elisia Howard, M.A., CFAA, CCC

Founder and CEO, College Insights

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As a leading expert in the realm of academic advising, college admissions, financial aid, and scholarships, my mission is to educate and aid students through the college admissions process beginning as early as middle school and extending through graduate school. Working in education for almost 20 years has afforded me opportunities to work with thousands of students from around the world.

nIu2019m currently the only Certified Financial Aid Advisor in the state of Washington, have my Masteru2019s in Education, and I am a Certified College Counselor. I have done it all- from curriculum development to admissions, including five years as a university professor and leading corporate education at a large global company. After working in admissions for almost 10 years, I know the process inside and out.

nAs a teacher, I naturally love working with students and seeing the look on their faces when something finally u201cclicks.u201d With college admissions, I find it to be even more rewarding because I know how much Iu2019m impacting the rest of their lives. I love knowing that these students are not going to have to choose between paying off student loans, getting married, or buying a house.

nWatching a student succeed and enjoy their college experience because they chose a college that is right for them brings me joy. I love being able to provide students and parents with options they never thought they had, and making a difference in every way possible.

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